Bioanalytical Method Development and Validation

Ligand binding based assays

  • Drug target capture
  • Anti-drug idiotype capture
  • Double antibody sandwich assay

Dedicated LBA laboratory

  • Method Development
  • Consistent methods
  • Performance characteristics meet regulatory requirements
  • Critical Reagent characterization
  • Validation
  • Pre-Validation of Methods
  • Validation Plans aligned with regulatory guidelines
  • Sample Analysis
  • Pre-clinical and Clinical studies
  • Automated robotic used to prepare standards and QCs

Immunologix Scientists and Principal Investigators have demonstrated experience and proficiency with LBA programs.

Dedicated Critical Reagent group ensures all Critical reagents are characterized.

Dedicated Sample handling and operations group.

Immunologix Laboratories - Facility

15,000 sq.ft. of laboratory space equipped with industry leading technologies including:

  • MSD Sector 600
  • Luminex Flex Map 3D
  • Protein Simple Ella
  • Molecular Devices fluorimeters
  • Perkin Elmer plate readers