Jason Pennucci

Scientific Director, Cell Based Assays

Jason is responsible for the scientific quality, oversight and execution of bioanalytical studies conducted at Immunologix Laboratories.   He is responsible for development, validation, and application of cell based assays including cell based Neutralizing assays for Immunogenicity assessment.  Jason’s role ensures that Immunologix Laboratories cell based bioanalytical services are conducted in accordance with applicable regulatory compliance requirements, guidances, and scientific integrity standards and meet delivery expectations and overall client satisfaction.  Jason has more than 20 years of biologics industry experience, including large molecule bioanalysis at Amgen and Biogen prior to joining Immunologix Laboratories. He has broad immunogenicity knowledge, experience, and expertise in managing large molecule pharmacokinetic, anti-drug antibody, neutralizing antibody, cell-based, and biomarker method validation and sample analysis studies, as well as assay qualification, transfer, development and troubleshooting. He has authored many peer reviewed publications and is recognized as an industry leader in Immunogenicity.