Immunologix Laboratories Expands Translational Sciences Team

Immunologix Laboratories announces two additions to the Translational Sciences division with Corinna Fiorotti, Ph.D. as Executive Director, Translational Sciences and Safa Alvandkouhi as Director, Business Operations. The continued growth of Translational Sciences highlights Immunologix Laboratories’ commitment to building an unparalleled model of scientific partnership with our clients.

“We are excited about expanding our Translational Sciences team with the addition of Dr. Fiorotti as an Executive Director. Dr. Fiorotti brings extensive bioanalytical experience in both traditional and emergent therapeutic modalities, including monoclonal antibodies, bispecific and multi-domain therapeutics, antibody-drug conjugates and cell and gene therapies. Our clients are already benefiting from her diversity of experience that spans both the biotech/pharma and CRO industries,” notes Immunologix Laboratories President and CEO, Dr. Michael Anderson. CSO and Head of Translational Sciences, Dr. Lauren Stevenson, adds, “Dr. Fiorotti is a perfect fit for our science-first organization, bringing extensive first-hand drug development expertise coupled with a team-oriented, collaborative approach and a deep commitment to delivering the best scientific solutions to meet the needs of our clients’ projects.”

A highly recognized scientific leader, Dr. Fiorotti brings almost two decades of drug development experience which spans from research through clinical development, with expertise in building and executing on strategies for bioanalytical development. Dr. Fiorotti holds a Ph.D. in Immunology and Microbiology and completed a post-doctoral fellowship in Molecular Biology at Harvard Medical School, where her work was featured as a cover story in the journal Nature. In addition to her extensive expertise in development and validation of PK, ADA and cell-based assays, Dr. Fiorotti has established an exceptional track record of helping project teams identify the critical questions/decision points and developing strategies to address them. With the addition of Dr. Fiorotti, the Translational Sciences team continues to add exceptional depth and diversity of expertise that delivers proven strategy and results.

Dr. Fiorotti commented, “This is without question the most exciting and impactful role I have taken in my career.  I am taking advantage of this opportunity to combine my experience with the already industry-leading Translational Sciences team and senior management at Immunologix to integrate with our veteran staff, building successful and lasting partnerships with our clients.”

Immunologix Laboratories concurrently welcomes Safa Alvandkouhi, as Director of Business Operations, Translational Sciences.   Ms. Alvandkouhi holds a B.S. degree in Biochemistry from North Carolina State University and brings several years of combined experience gained at the laboratory bench as well as within business development. Leveraging this unique intersection of scientific and business talents, Ms. Alvandkouhi has focused her career on building long-term, sustainable partnerships with global biotech/pharma companies to optimally support their drug development endeavors.  At Immunologix, she will build on that experience to lead project management, business operations and scientific content development efforts for the Translational Sciences team. John Ryan, Executive Director of Business Development notes, “The Business Operations team is integral in ensuring proper intake and execution of our client’s programs. Ms. Alvandkouhi has already launched several operational excellence initiatives and is actively working with CSO Dr. Stevenson’s team to further develop the scope of the Translational Sciences Team’s scientific and consulting service offerings that will deliver state of the art solutions for our clients.”