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Critical Reagents

A ligand binding assay is only as good as the quality of its critical reagents.  Our dedicated critical reagent team provides labeling services as well as analytical characterization to ensure robust long-term assay performance.

Critical Reagents

Reagent Services

Our veteran, dedicated Reagent Services team provides:

  • Critical Reagent Labeling, Characterization, and Qualification
  • Lot-to-Lot Bridging and stability
  • Biomarker Calibrator Material Characterization and Stability
  • Recombinant Protein Characterization (eg. transgene proteins)
  • Octet evaluation of relative antibody affinity 
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Our Critical Reagent Expertise

Component 86 – 1

Custom Antibody and Protein Labeling

  • Biotin and Sulfo-tag antibody/protein labeling
  • Small (≤5 mg) and large scale (>5 mg) options
  • 1-2 Days + QC Review of documentation
  • Four service tiers, customized to meet reagent needs for different stages of drug development
  • Reagent characterization summary reports

Protein Analysis Expertise

  • Protein Concentration
  • FPLC analysis including
  • Purity of preparation
  • Degradation analysis
  • Aggregation status
  • Confirmation of successful incorporation for conjugated chromophores

Qualification Services

  • Binding kinetics analysis and profiling
  • Testing multiple reagent combinations for best performance
  • Reagent qualification in target assay
  • Recommendations for assay design

Critical Reagents Laboratory Instruments

Component 86 – 1
Lab equipment

GE ÄKTA pure 25 FPLC

Dedicated chromatography for concentration, size, purity

Lab equipment

FortéBio Octet

Versatile pre-lab platform for binding kinetics and tracking degradation

Lab equipment


Delivers accurate quantitative measurements for concentrated samples with no need for dilutions.

Lab equipment

MesoScale Sector S 600

Rugged, redundant ECL platform for final reagent qualification

Lab equipment

Molecular Devices Spectramax 384+ and L

ELISA platform for final reagent qualification via assay performance

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