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Flow Cytometry Services

Realize the Full Potential of Your Drug Development Program With Our Comprehensive Bioanalytical Services

At Immunologix Laboratories, we offer comprehensive flow cytometry services tailored to meet the specific needs of your drug development program. Our end-to-end scientific support encompasses everything from panel design to data interpretation, ensuring that your projects benefit from robust customer service and frequent communication.

Our Flow Cytometry Expertise

Component 86 – 1

Custom clinical flow cytometry-based assays for frozen matrices (serum, PBMC)


Substantial experience with complex functional assays that reflect relevant biology


In-house phlebotomist to support method development

Customized Project Management

Component 86 – 1

Every project is customized to fit your unique needs, addressing biological hypotheses, disease and model systems, drug mechanisms of action, and target molecular/cell biology. 

Specialized Assay Capabilities

Component 86 – 1

Our flow cytometry services include specialized assays that provide detailed insights into various biological processes and immune responses. Here are some of our key capabilities:


Immune Profiling and Tissue Expression

Identification, quantification, and characterization of immune cell populations in mouse spleens


Immune Cell Activation/Proliferation

Quantification of dividing cells using CellTrace 


Myeloid Cell Biology

Myeloid cell gating (human PBMC) 


Gene Delivery (Green Fluorescent Protein)

GFP gene delivery to specific immune cell populations 

Get more information about how these capabilities can enhance your drug development program with precise and actionable data.

Assay Types

Component 86 – 1
  • T/8 cell Proliferation 
  • Gene Delivery (GFP) 
  • Biomarker/Cytokines 
  • Immune Profiling
  • Tissue Expression
  • Cell Activation
  • Rare Cell Analysis 
  • Myeloid Cell Biology
  • Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Cells (PBMC) Selection

Our Leading-Edge Technologies

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Our state-of-the-art flow cytometry equipment ensures precise and reliable results. We utilize the following advanced instruments:

Lab equipment

CytoFLEX S Flow Cytometer

13 detectors, 4 lasers, 96 well plate loader

Lab equipment


Advanced analysis software

Realize the full potential of your drug development program with our flow cytometry services

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