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Cell Based Assays

Our cell-based assay experts collaborate with clients to ensure selection of the best assay format for their therapeutic entity.  Our scientific approach focuses on the specific key drivers for each assay, and includes a series of performance evaluation experiments to ensure successful validation and deployment for sample analysis.


Our Science and Services

The cell-based assay group is composed of industry experts and specialized laboratory scientists that support a wide array of neutralizing antibody assays, cell proliferation assays, and cell-based PK assays. 

Scientist working

Our Cell Based Expertise

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Dedicated Cell Laboratory and Scientific Team

  • Cell based assay experienced scientists
  • Master and working cell banking and monitoring
  • Validated instrumentation
  • Class II biosafety cabinets
  • GxP compliant practices
  • Pre-clinical, clinical, and post marketing studies

Range of Cell Based Assays

  • Neutralizing Antibody
  • Mechanism of action 
  • Apoptosis and Cell Death
  • Cell Signaling and Secretion
  • Reporter Gene Assays
  • ADCC & CDC Assays
  • Ready to go cell assays

Instruments used in cell based assays

Component 86 – 1
Scientist filling pipettes

Labconco Logic+ Biosafety Cabinets

BSL Class II cabinets provide primary protection of our scientists and your cell projects using optimum airflow design and filtration.

Scientist using microscope

Zeiss Axiovert 25 Microscope

Critical analysis of cell cultures via brightfield illumination and phase contrast display.

Lab equipment

Beckman Coulter Vi-Cell Blu Hemocytometer

Automates and expedites cell viability assessment. 

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